What is the difference between medical payments and bodily injury?

Bodily injury liability coverage is used when you are at fault in an auto accident in which there is bodily injury harm to a third party in the other vehicle you damaged. Medical payments cover the medical expense of individuals within your vehicle.

What is the difference between condo and homeowners insurance?

Home insurance covers what you own — the interior and exterior of the home, as well as the land it sits on. Condo insurance usually just covers the condo’s interior, because outside land, the condo building structure and common areas are all typically owned by you and your fellow condo dwellers and insured by an HOA.

However, before purchasing a condo policy, make sure you have the HOA’s requirements to ensure it is the proper policy.

What should I do if I’m in a car accident?

  • Stop at the scene immediately
  • Do not take responsibility for the accident
  • After checking to see if anyone needs emergency medical attention, call the police to file a legal accident report. Tof ile an insurance claim, you will need to gather:
    – The other driver’s name, address and contact information
    – The other driver’s insurance company name and policy number
    – All possible details about the accident, as well as photos and witness information
  • Contact your agent at HUNT Insurance, and they will guide you in filing a claim

What factors affect the cost of home insurance?

There are many factors that affect the pricing on your quote, including the replacement cost, deductible, heating, usage, exposure, credit and bundling.

  • Replacement cost: How much you would pay for an item at today’s prices.
  • Deductible: The amount you must pay when making an insurance claim.
  • Heating: Different primary heat elements, such as forced air versus a wood stove, require different rates.
  • Usage and exposure: Based on your situation, your home may have a different exposure that requires additional coverage.
  • Credit: Many insurance companies use consumer credit information as a part of their underwriting process, which may affect the premium charged. However, companies are prohibited from rejecting an application for insurance solely on the basis of credit information.
  • Bundling: Most companies offer a substantial discount, sometimes up to 25%, for bundling your home and auto insurance together.