Why should I choose an independent agent?

Independent agents work for you — not an insurance carrier. Because they are not tied to any specific company, they can shop policies for you to find the coverages that best meet your needs. With more options available, you can receive all of your policies through one agency. Independent agents are also knowledgeable of local risks, the benefits and drawbacks of different carriers, and what is and isn’t covered in different policies. They will ensure you are properly protected with your coverage.

How do I know if my home is in a flood zone?

Generally, your mortgage lender or the seller of the home will know prior to you closing on your home. However, if you already reside in your home or you do not have a mortgage, you can go to https://msc.fema.gov/portal/ and type in your address to find out.

How much does flood insurance cost?

Lately, flood insurance has been on the minds of many homeowners all over New York State. Like most insurances, there are many deciding variables that go into a flood premium — the most important being the type of flood zone and structure information. Your agent will gather all of the needed information to quote your property and explain to you the flood zone and what it means for you as a homeowner.

Does home insurance cover belongings?

Home insurance covers your personal property up to a certain limit in the case of theft and certain natural disasters, such as fires, lightning, hail and wind. However, damage to personal property due to earthquakes and flood are not covered by home insurance — this coverage requires additional policies. If you have expensive possessions that are valued above the limits of your home insurance’s personal property coverage, you can purchase additional coverage for those items.