A lawsuit can come out of nowhere, and it can take away everything. Umbrella insurance is there to protect you in the case of an accident. It goes above and beyond the liability limits of your home, auto and other underlying insurance policies to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits. It can also provide coverage for claims that may be excluded from your other liability policies.

For example, think about if you cause a car accident and the other driver is seriously injured. Your auto policy only has a $100,000 liability limit, but the actual total for bodily injury and property damage is $500,000. Rather than having to come up with $400,000, your umbrella policy would pay the remaining damages for you.


Protecting your future.

Umbrella coverage provides you with the proper protection for your assets — and your future. No matter how careful you are, unintended — and expensive — accidents can occur, and you can be held accountable. However, umbrella insurance can protect you from financial obligation, false arrest, libel, slander and more. You can select coverage in increments of $1 million, for just a couple hundred dollars a year.


Umbrella versus excess liability coverage.

Umbrella insurance and excess liability coverage are quite different. Excess liability coverage will only provide coverage for the same risks as the policy that you are adding it to. For example, if you add excess liability coverage to your auto insurance, it will only cover the same risks that your auto policy covers. At HUNT Insurance, we offer both umbrella and excess liability policies, and we will work with you to determine which best fits your needs.


Do you need umbrella coverage?

The short answer is yes; anyone is at risk of facing a lawsuit. However, certain individuals face more risk than others. Risk factors include:

  • Owning a home or property
  • Owning a car or other vehicle
  • Owning a dog or outdoor cat
  • Renting out property
  • Volunteering

And more

Essentially, if you own or do anything that could potentially harm another person or their property, umbrella coverage is a smart idea.


Your HUNT Insurance agent is here to help.

Wondering if you need umbrella insurance, or how much of it you should have? Your agent will work with you to determine your risks and help protect you, your assets and your future — so you can have peace of mind.