Employee benefits consist of the compensation you provide your employees that goes beyond their salary. Some benefits are fairly standard, while others are optional perks that can help you stand out from other companies. The better your benefits package is, the more satisfied your employees will be, which means greater retention and decreased turnover.


Types of employee benefits include:
  • Health Insurance: Employees value having good health insurance. In fact, it could be a factor in whether they choose to accept a position with your organization. They understand the importance of having comprehensive coverage for themselves and their families.
  • HSAs, FSAs and HRAs: HSAs and FSAs are both savings accounts that employees can contribute to in order to fund their health care. HRAs are funded by employers to help employees pay for qualified medical expenses.
  • Dental and vision insurance: Many companies offer dental and/or vision insurance to help cover routine and preventive services.
  • Retirement plans: Options for retirement plans include defined-benefit plans (pensions), 401(k)s, Roth IRAs and more.
  • Paid time off: Employees today are more likely to want a flexible work schedule with options for time off. It’s important to provide your team with vacations, sick days and personal days to avoid burnout and ensure they are able to perform their best.
  • Wellness: Wellness benefits, such as discounts to fitness centers, access to an on-site gym, nutrition planning and stress management courses can help your employees stay fit, healthy and happy.


Be the company employees want to work for.

When looking for a job, employees take benefits into account. They are more likely to apply for and accept positions with companies that offer attractive benefits packages. In addition, offering competitive benefits allows for employees to stay happy and satisfied at work, reducing tension and turnover.


Contact HUNT Insurance to create your package.

It can be difficult to navigate the vast marketplace of employee benefits. That’s where your HUNT Insurance agent comes in. We work with Walsh Duffield to help our clients design competitive, comprehensive benefits packages — at affordable rates. From health insurance to wellness, we are here to help you determine what you and your employees need. Plus, we will help you continue to evaluate the value and effectiveness of your package and make adjustments as needed.