Just like you, your employees have the future in mind. That means that they are concerned about saving for retirement — and starting as early as possible. As an employer, it’s important that you assist your team in doing so. Selecting the correct retirement plan solution will allow you and your employees to work together in building up their retirement savings. It’s a way for you to thank them for their hard work, while helping you attract and retain a dedicated workforce.


We work with Walsh Duffield Retirement Plan Solutions.

To provide our clients with the guidance, tools and resources they need to select the right retirement plans for their employees, we have partnered with Walsh Duffield Retirement Plan Solutions. Through our partnership, we also work with Strategic Retirement Partners, a retirement plan consulting services firm. This firm consists of specialists who are well-versed in a wide range of retirement plans, including 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit plans (pensions), ESOP and more.

Together, we will provide you with continual guidance, from plan selection and implementation to management and ongoing analysis.


Popular retirement plan options include:
  • 401(k): A defined contribution plan funded by the employee and often accompanied by a partial or full employer match. Contributions are tax-deductible. The employee has control over their 401(k) investments and the accumulated savings after they retire. Distributions are taxed.
  • 403(b): Essentially the same as a 401(k) but designed for employees of nonprofit organizations.
  • Roth 401(k): Similar to a 401(k) in that the account is mainly employee funded, except contributions are taxed while distributions are tax-free as long as the employee meets certain qualifications. Employers can also contribute to the plan, but the money must go into a regular 401(k).
  • Defined benefit pension plans: These plans used to be the most popular offered by employers, but over recent decades, they have been replaced by defined contribution plans such as 401(k)s. A pension plan consists of defined monthly benefits the employee will receive after they retire and does not require employee contributions. The employee will have no control over the investments or funds.


Select the right retirement plan for your employees.

With HUNT Insurance, you can enjoy the benefits of working with knowledgeable agents who are backed by nationally renowned tools, resources and counsel. We will work with you to create retirement plan solutions that are tailored to your organization, so you can maintain a happy workforce.


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