At HUNT Real Estate, we understand how important it is for workplaces to encourage health and wellness. That’s why we partner with Walsh Duffield’s, award-winning wellness team to help our clients build wellness programs that strengthen their organizations from the inside out.

People who are healthy perform better at work — for several reasons. They need less time off for sick days and doctor’s appointments. They have more energy and stamina. They are more passionate about their work. They are generally happier. A healthy team creates better workplace culture, leading to higher retention, employee satisfaction and, ultimately, success for your business.


Wellness starts with leadership.

Committing to a wellness program requires the full participation of your organization’s management team. We will show you why investing in the health of your workforce is a long-term investment that pays off in myriad ways. Our team will work closely with you to get to know your business and understand your goals, so we can devise a wellness program that helps you get where you need to be.


Our services through Walsh Duffield include:
  • WD! Check-up — analysis of your workplace environment and recommendations
  • Wellness Committee management
  • Program design
  • Resource management
  • Individual consultations
  • WD! Total Wellness Package

Your wellness program can be unique to your organization — it could involve swapping out the snacks and beverages in your vending machines for healthier options, offering your employees discounts for fitness centers and wellness services, building an on-site gym, offering mid-day yoga classes, nutritional counseling and more.


HUNT for the wellness program your employees deserve.

With HUNT Insurance, you can enjoy the benefit of working with two agencies who know what it takes to transform an organization’s culture into one that promotes health, safety, wellbeing and employee engagement. We will help you design and implement a plan that engages your workforce and helps them feel, and work, their best.